pdFIT™: What You Get

A System To Improve Parkinson's Disease Symptoms and Delay Disease Progression


The Coached Workout
The iOS app coaches you through a personalized, second-by-second workout, challenging you to achieve or exceed your optimal exercise goals.


Wireless Sensors
The Beneufit system uses wireless sensors featuring Bluetooth 4.0 technology that stream activity data directly to your mobile device. Our sensor kit comes complete with heart rate and cycling cadence sensors. The Beneufit system is for stationary bike use only, but the cycling cadence sensor can be used alone on all stationary, spin and road bikes.

Mio Link Heart Rate Monitor

Mio LInk Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor

Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor


The Beneufit dashboard stores workouts and analyzes performance for each session. Log in on your computer or mobile device to see your results. This information can be used to monitor how closely you are following the prescribed exercise regimen as well as your progress over time.

A score, or fitFactor, is generated as a simple way to measure your compliance with your regimen. Your score, along with symptom analysis, enables Beneufit to rate the effectiveness for each of our scientific exercise protocols.

Discoveries made through this process are fed back up to the community for continual refinement. We're already seeing improved lives in some of our customers as a result of this process.


The Beneufit Story


Dr. Jay Alberts Interview


Dr. Karen Francis Interview